24 hour fitness
2007-06-18 19:00:03 ET

is where I work. you can get a sssuper-cheap membership if you go to 24hourfit.com/giftofhealth

employee #:9550E

2007-06-18 20:29:30 ET

niiiice. I might have to look into this.

2007-06-19 10:29:09 ET

aw man! i just had my gf added to my account... i couldve used the discount.

2007-06-21 20:51:54 ET

by all means use the discount! it ends june 30th and I forgot to mention to list your home zip as 80906 and choose the broadmoor club. Thanks!

2007-06-22 03:09:24 ET

can i still use it eventhough she's already been added?

2007-06-25 20:54:14 ET

I don't think so. You would have to cancel her agreement and wait a month. At that point the sale will be over. Sorry, I'd say call your local club and ask. However, for my sake, don't tell them where you heard about it. Or be vauge.

2007-06-26 03:48:02 ET

it's too much trouble.. thanks tho

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