Shameless self promotion time.
2009-05-20 12:19:35 ET

So, after moving to Denver to join a shitty underground ska band, I decided to become a shitty underground ska promoter.

Anyway, I managed to throw together this massive show in June and anybody into ska, punk or beer should come.

Granted, it's in Colorado and most of you don't live in Colorado, just do your best.

2009-05-20 12:56:21 ET

PleasepleasepleasepleasePLEASE consider promoting a show in NJ. If that's what it takes for mw to see VG Skulls again so be it. Srsly consider it ill give you free foods and lodging

2009-05-20 13:44:05 ET

I would attend this show if it was closer to me.

2009-05-26 14:10:28 ET

I will consider it, but it wouldn't be until next spring at the earliest. Check out the california street music website to see if Voodoo might already be heading your way.

2009-05-28 19:58:43 ET

sounds nice... anything youtubeable?

2009-06-01 17:44:40 ET

Not yet. This is the first year we're putting this on so, after the show there should be a ton of stuff... hopefully.

2009-07-09 03:58:32 ET

pleeeeeeeeeease come to pittsburgh....!
i love the aquabats!

2009-07-12 22:05:08 ET

The Bats are doing a legit US tour this year. (I think) I saw something on their website about going to boston at least.

Also, to Uncle Jim: I will never ever ever ever ever deal with VGS again. Like ever.

and Mal, I think there is Youtube stuff up nowadays.

2009-07-13 05:31:03 ET

=( if I may ask what happened?

2009-07-13 08:59:43 ET

I got completely fucked by the venue and wasn't able to pull enough of the door money to pay everyone and Voodoo threw a huge hissy fit. Right after this show my band was set to tour through california with voodoo and they somehow got it into their heads that my band ran off with all the money from that night.

So, as revenge they threatened not to play any show that we were allowed to play. Which caused us to drive 3,000 miles for no reason. AND they still expect me to pay them.

2009-07-13 09:05:31 ET

Wow. I'm really sorry to hear that. Hey if your band is ever in NYC/NJ please do an update or PM me about it so I can support you guys.

2009-07-14 16:04:38 ET

will do!

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