2003-02-08 07:23:57 ET

I have changed my name yet again. I think this is a bit more feminine and not so whorelike. I will get all my pictures and such things up when I take the time to put them all on disk and bring them down here.

2003-02-08 09:56:21 ET

welcome to sk

2003-02-08 09:58:04 ET

you too :)

2003-02-08 11:05:15 ET

Hah, I looked at the buddy list PM, and I was like "Who the Fuck is Calliope?"

Welcome to Sk, you darn n00b!

2003-02-08 11:12:51 ET

thanks:) I love the way I get such a WARM welcome to this NEW community.

2003-02-08 12:29:32 ET


2003-02-08 12:42:37 ET

hahahaha i said the EXACT same thing

"who the fuck is calliope" i screamed

2003-02-08 13:28:18 ET

me too said that!! hehe....hi booty!
*hugs* welcome back heh lol

2003-02-09 06:11:48 ET



2003-02-09 11:10:14 ET

we didnt know who the fuck "calliope" was when she added us to our lists. we then learned she was bootslut01 with a worse, one eyed creature, sounding name.

2003-02-09 11:16:30 ET

ahh. All is clear now.

2003-02-09 16:25:37 ET

hehe LOL ya :)

2003-05-08 09:17:48 ET


2007-08-25 10:38:33 ET

I know I am late...But...Welcome!

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