real entry
2003-02-08 11:04:32 ET

I have the worstest grades ever :(

2003-02-08 11:15:41 ET

mine are not all bad nothing lower than C+ but... my parents will hate me for it anywayz....

2003-02-08 11:20:51 ET

I have four F's. it pisses me off beyond belief, I have been doing all of my homework but failing tests like crazy.Im going to cry now.

2003-02-08 11:55:07 ET

I have a friend who has the same problem. test anxiety. her parents made her quit colour guard because of it...

2003-02-08 12:47:02 ET

now whenever i see your name i think of you with one eye, tiffany. as in "cyclops"

2003-02-08 14:43:32 ET

thats probably because I have a single eye as my avatar?

2003-02-08 15:24:39 ET

thats supposed to be an eye? it looks like a fucked up pussy with the circulation cut off so it turned blue.

2003-02-08 15:42:35 ET

oh, ok...

2003-02-08 16:43:32 ET


2003-02-08 16:47:36 ET


and another good HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at tiffany.
"we looked good together" hahahahahaha

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