2003-02-08 15:10:53 ET

that was the most amazing goal I have ever seen in my 8 years of avidly watching hockey. we won!!!

haha, detriot sucks too much cock.

2003-02-08 15:11:42 ET

Did we now? I never watch Hockey. The puck moves too fast for my slow, dimwitted senses.

2003-02-08 15:16:14 ET

aww, perhaps you could record it and watch in slo-motion?

2003-02-08 15:16:44 ET

But the players move fast enough for me. Just, the puck. I could watch it when it was highlighted.

2003-02-08 15:19:43 ET

hmmm, Im sorry. hockey and soccer are the only games I can actually watch BECAUSE they move so fast. do you watch tennis?

2003-02-08 15:21:38 ET

Nope. I don't really watch TV. When I do, its usually the Speed Channel :P

2003-02-08 15:28:39 ET

I just watch hockey for the fights. They are better than pro wrestling or boxing.

2003-02-08 15:31:01 ET

lol, wrestling. I remember back in the day when I watched that crap.

2003-02-08 15:39:42 ET

It was all pretty bad. At least in hockey the angst is real.

2003-02-08 15:44:00 ET

there was a massive fight in todays game too, everyone who was on the ice as well as a few from the bench was huddled in the corner kicking eachothers asses. it was fun

2003-02-08 15:51:28 ET

See, thats why hockey rocks

2003-02-08 15:54:56 ET


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