and a very happy valentines to you.
2003-02-14 08:04:04 ET

my two cents: valentines has become a corperate dream rather than a day to express love. back in the day ( saying that as if I was there) when people believed in St. Valentine they would use today to profess thier love, not a day to spend as much money as possible on the girlfriend you just got three days ago.

but despite my hatred for what this holiday has become, I do believe in love. with that said, I LOVE YOU SK!

heh, good times.

2003-02-14 08:21:35 ET

yay for love!

2003-02-14 10:16:03 ET

I'm still not going to spend money on you even though you love us :P

2003-02-14 10:26:15 ET

:( damn. my ploy didnt work.

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