2003-02-24 13:33:47 ET

HOLY SHIT! Ive been gone a week and NOTHING has changed. you people are fucking boring.

ok, I lie. I looked down my little list and went 'GRR thats like a weeks of reading!'

Im grounded to my room without any privelages whatsoever because after alreadly failing 4 classes I also went out without asking and did not return home until the next day.:/

so, you wont be seeing a lot of me, but its not like it really matters. there are 600 people here, you'll find someone else.:)

2003-02-24 14:46:57 ET

I was wondering what happened to you....

2003-02-24 15:14:07 ET

will I?

2003-02-24 15:46:01 ET

600 people ? heck, i could find 3 or 4 new people in your absence.


why did you do that ? now we can't talk. >:|

2003-02-24 18:13:54 ET

yeah they wont miss you. dont worry!

2003-02-24 18:30:24 ET


2003-02-26 12:19:17 ET

damn, I need to get some chick friends.

2003-02-26 12:25:08 ET

no.... friends of the same sex usually suck

2003-02-26 12:31:58 ET

but did you notice that only guys are concerned with my abscence? that makes me feel unloved by the female part of our race:(

2003-02-26 15:48:27 ET

females are evil...

problem solved, case closed.

2003-02-27 16:42:23 ET

oh ok.

2003-02-27 18:22:08 ET

i agree..

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