The good, The bad, and the downright fucked up
2003-02-27 16:46:08 ET

The good: I wrote a really pretty song today:) AND I GOT MY KITTY BACK!!! yay!! that makes me happy.

The bad: my grades are STILL crap and so I still cant do much of anything. BUT I am out of my room... Ive been forgiven of one of my sins.

The downright fucked up: another one of my nieghbor/friends has been sent off to Kuwait...:'(

2003-02-27 18:23:33 ET

i yur sng dirty and emu, as that one person put t today!!?

2003-02-27 22:23:25 ET

happy for you on the good stuff :)
sorry bout the bad *HUGS*
and what's up with the friends/kuwait??

2003-02-28 14:19:57 ET

allen, that made no sense.

pinky, thanks:) the thing about Kuwait is it just seems like everybody is either gone or waiting to leave. it makes me sad.

2003-02-28 18:03:50 ET

why would they go there tho!? :)
is america really screwed!!!!????!!!

2003-02-28 19:07:42 ET

yeah, basically. we are there attempting to get least thats what they are telling us....mwahahahah

2003-02-28 21:45:22 ET

yay for getting your cat back!

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