2003-03-19 12:27:59 ET

its a school. and Im going there. it is far far far away from my mother.

2003-03-19 13:05:20 ET

see ya later

2003-03-19 13:25:07 ET

But is it a long, long time ago?

2003-03-19 16:28:49 ET

All your entries are belong to us.

2003-03-19 16:51:09 ET

doh. NooooooOOOoooOOooo

2003-03-19 16:51:46 ET


2003-03-20 12:36:00 ET

god no. not to me. PLEASE!!!

2003-03-20 13:03:16 ET

andy, fuck you.

Mr, unfortunately it isnt. :(

2003-03-20 13:31:24 ET

So this is just tiffa wars, and not tiffa star wars?

2003-03-20 14:58:21 ET

yes. it is.

2003-03-20 15:05:43 ET

Blah... I'm not going to pay to see that.

2003-03-20 15:07:43 ET

WHY NOT?!?!?! bitch.

2003-03-20 15:11:15 ET

Because, there are no lasers or stormtroopers.

2003-03-20 15:11:47 ET

Tiffa Wars doesn't have characters that were drawn from racial stereotypes. Meeza not gonna bombad see Tiffa Warzez.

2003-03-20 15:13:08 ET

yeah... No lando, I will not go. Where is the jive turkey black guy in tiffa wars?

2003-03-20 15:13:47 ET

I know, lets go see Superfly.

2003-03-20 15:15:35 ET

Yeah, and then we can rent the last dragon.

2003-03-20 15:16:27 ET

you make me cry

:'(<-- see? tears.

2003-03-20 15:18:06 ET

i see a colon, an apostrophe and a parenthesis

2003-03-20 15:20:24 ET

and a foo-man-chu beard. Are you trying to say that asian stereotypes are part of tiffa wars?

2003-03-20 15:25:24 ET

yes! but only one. and there is a mexican stereotype cameo.

there are also high-tech computer systems that walk around killing people

2003-03-20 15:27:50 ET

Any norsemen with great endowments?

2003-03-20 15:28:42 ET

uhh.. no. I was going to ask one to be in it but I though that would be a bit unrealistic.

2003-03-20 15:29:01 ET

High tech computer systems don't walk around and kill people. Now I may watch if you make it to where people are killing high tech computer systems. Well, that and like... well, nm. I'm not going to bring that up with innocent ears around.

2003-03-20 15:29:14 ET

Im frazzled and discouraged now.

2003-03-20 15:30:05 ET


2003-03-20 15:35:33 ET

why is it good?

2003-03-20 15:36:34 ET

because she really doesn't want us to watch tiffa wars

2003-03-20 18:21:23 ET

because no matter how a persuade you you wont watch tiffa wars. its not even a realy goddam movie! you suck.

2003-03-20 18:38:18 ET

well why did you get offended that we wanted to watch superfly instead?

2003-03-20 18:50:37 ET

I don't suck, <insert witty retort here>

2003-03-20 19:02:06 ET

<insert laughter and finger pointing at witty retort>

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