movies and books.
2003-03-20 12:42:42 ET

first, movies.

signs: it was alright but I think I got my hopes up before seeing it. mixing curch and science is just wrong.

stranger than fiction: now this is orgasmic cinematography. I loved everything about this movie. it was absolutely amazing. if you havent, you must see this movie.

and now book:

My idea of fun: not for the english impared. he uses words even I had to look up. but all in all it is a fascinating story about a boy with an overly photographic memory.

yeah, thats what I did with my two days off. it was fun.:)

oh, and I came to the conclusion that love is the only reason to cry. if you'd like Ill explain later.

2003-03-20 13:46:31 ET

fuck me?

2003-03-20 14:58:42 ET


sure, why not.

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