2003-03-25 19:16:15 ET

Im sooooo happy. I finally told someone something Ive been holding in for a while:)and then the hu-nams invaded. and lucas is the big dipper

Im so sorry to those of you who dont know me extremely well, my entries are getting more random by the day.

now, onto a realy topic: I went skating today. I actually didnt skate very much... but the people watching was good. mmm the people...
I got cold.

2003-03-25 19:41:10 ET

I'm an almost shoe shaped constellation?

2003-03-25 19:42:53 ET

uh, kreg said it. what would he be thinking at about 11pm when he says 'lucas is a big dipper'...let the mind wander..

2003-03-25 20:00:38 ET

Ice skating is fun. I haven't done that in a while. My sister actually went ice skating tonight for whatever reasons, so I felt like commenting on it since I'd been thinking about it anyway. You never want to make the mistake of using those figure skates unless you know what you're doing or have really strong ankles. You'll fall on your ass 130981350 times. Hockey skates are alot easier. That sounds like fun though.


2003-03-25 20:02:10 ET

yeah, I love to ice skate. but, we were skatboarding.:) Im sorry, dont feel bad, I didnt make that clear.

2003-03-25 20:23:31 ET

Anger: I hate you! I'm so embarassed! Denial: I knew you meant that. Bargaining: Oh, I thought you meant ice skating because you said you got cold. That's the reason... Acceptance: Whoops.

I'm still satisfied with what I said, heh.


2003-03-25 20:24:38 ET

haha, I am also satisfied with what you said as well. it was good reading.

2003-03-26 13:13:46 ET

and who was it who taught you to skate ????

2003-03-26 13:39:12 ET

it was my dearest friend allen. and another good friend of mine tried to teach me how to ollie before he got expelled for possesion and market....:'( I miss brian.

2003-03-27 09:36:06 ET


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