2003-04-02 13:21:43 ET

in no way is this a poem. if it was, it would suck.

you rescued me
just in time you saved the day
right as my heart was breaking
you mended me
and made me sane
I cant imagine life without you
although it seems crazy
I just want to be near you
and never leave your side

and you.
I thought I wanted you
I thought you wanted me
I guess thats what I get for thinking
there never was any doubt
I never did feel sad
sometimes it just hurts to learn perfection isnt real

if I just stop and listen to the things inside my head
they begin to say things that just might make sense
I need you, Im fucking pissed at you
and love goes all around
to you, and to you, and maybe even to him
if you allow it
but please dont
I cant do this again

like I said it isnt a poem. hehe. it was really just random thoughts that were bugging me today.

2003-04-03 15:38:06 ET

is this ABE LINCOLN? ;)

2003-04-04 12:04:43 ET

yes. yes it is.

2003-04-04 15:23:25 ET

who is it actually? mike again?

2003-04-04 15:31:06 ET

what are you talking about?

2003-04-04 15:46:17 ET

the mofritta in the paragraphs of words


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