2003-04-03 12:31:32 ET

I dont get trig. I cant pass mondays test. Im not going to be in the choir competition I have worked like hell for for the past 3 months. and above all Im going to have to take english 3-4 again. whoo hooo! life sucks.

there is but one shimmering good thing in life and I think he's upset with me. or himself...

2003-04-03 13:52:37 ET

Study really hard and just try to get a D at the minimum on your test :) I have faith and confidence in your abilities.. I never got past Geometry myself.

2003-04-03 14:51:08 ET

what he said,

and that goes for all things. 8;)

2003-04-03 15:36:49 ET

is the good thing JEREMY?? ;)

2003-04-04 12:05:29 ET

hahahahahahhahahah...hell no. jeremy is cool, but I could live without him. lunch wouldnt be as much fun though.

2003-04-04 15:24:25 ET

who is it then?
i cant think of a shimmering good thing- person in your life since matt.

2003-04-04 15:31:40 ET

too bad....

2003-04-04 15:46:54 ET

well looks like ill be using the sad button soon


2003-04-04 18:03:51 ET

uhhhh...why? did I do something wrong by not telling you everything?

2003-04-04 18:29:19 ET

thats not what i asked, silly

2003-04-07 04:14:23 ET

?!?!!??! wow, Im confused

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