the best night was followed by the worst day...
2003-04-09 13:35:39 ET

I had a wonderful conversation with a wonderful person last night. I like.

I woke up and had to wait for my laundry to dry so I was late to school. I then proceeded to do very badly on a critical test. afterward, I was late to English and my teacher refused to let me in. I went to the office to get a pass and they wouldnt give me one. well, not until after they gave me lunch detention. not since the rebelious days of elementary school (and I am so serious about that) have I been in any real trouble. I havent had lunch detention in 6 years. after this I went to science where I found out that my shit-for-brains teacher had lost my 200 point assignment, which leaves me to find a new notebook for said class. after class I was discussing retrival of my notebook and finally settle on "whatever, this sucks." and asked for a pass. he said I could make it on time. I didnt. I had to do wall sits for 4 mins. I got a headache and didnt finish my assignment because the pain and stress was causing me to cry. after lunch thigs went alright. We finally finished the site and are going to present it on monday.

whooooooo! I need some sleep.

2003-04-09 13:52:43 ET

you and me both.

say, lets collaborate and save time and effort !

2003-04-09 13:54:02 ET

now that sounds like a plan!

2003-04-09 14:50:39 ET

!plan a like sounds that now

2003-04-09 15:01:42 ET

.backwards was it

2003-04-09 15:47:32 ET

.pregnant are you

2003-04-09 16:04:20 ET

?mine it is

2003-04-09 16:34:04 ET

.yours be would it course of, was I if but .pregnant not Im

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