the website
2003-04-10 14:29:15 ET

fin! its done. and I am happy. it is published and saved and backed up like hell! whooooo. if you'd like to do me and my friends a majorly big favor you can go to and tell us our horrible mistakes:) Im going out tommorow (hopefully) so there will be no sign of me.

2003-04-10 20:08:48 ET

why must district 11 limit you to such depressing webpage layoutness?

2003-04-11 07:43:49 ET

because those were the reqiurements of the contest! bitch. you make a better page. and I dont care about the layout, Im pretty sure we're going to win.:)

2003-04-11 16:04:04 ET

i wasnt faulting you, i was faulting the district. this was a contest? i didnt know. YOU GET MONEY?!

2003-04-12 10:49:30 ET

no. no money. :( but the metal we won is shiny.

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