2006-07-11 05:48:56 ET

ok so iv been accepted. now i have one. must add friends and get pictures up soon

2006-07-11 05:54:50 ET

Welcome to subkultures.

2006-07-11 05:57:24 ET

AH HA! Finally i have managed to post on someones first post without being like the 200th person! Welcome to Sk! ^_^

2006-07-11 05:59:07 ET

Welcome to SubK!

Mind your extremities.
I think I will hitchike when the van comes around...

2006-07-11 06:06:02 ET

welcome and whatnot.

2006-07-11 06:18:30 ET

welcome to sk
*hands you some pixi sticks*
I promise they wont hurt you

2006-07-11 06:39:32 ET

Hola! Nice to have you. Enjoy!

2006-07-11 06:39:36 ET

Hola! Nice to have you. Enjoy!

2006-07-11 06:39:36 ET

Hola! Nice to have you. Enjoy!

2006-07-11 06:48:19 ET

Welcome to SK.

Gwt in thw van. >:O

2006-07-11 06:55:05 ET

I'M COMING TOO! I never got my original van ride!

2006-07-11 08:03:31 ET

Welcome to SK

2006-07-11 08:06:50 ET

i dont think i was ever offered the van ride ether... this warrants some further research.

2006-07-11 08:14:34 ET

welcome to SK

2006-07-11 09:14:03 ET

I'm late.....but welcome!

2006-07-11 09:19:15 ET

The van first appeared in this entry.

It has been the proverbial welcome wagon ever since.


Uh, what?

2006-07-11 13:11:01 ET

Welcome, stranger.

2006-07-11 13:12:07 ET

I never got the special van treatment.


2006-07-11 13:32:59 ET


2006-07-12 09:13:54 ET

I never got the van treatment either!

2006-07-12 09:33:12 ET

me either.

2006-07-12 10:03:35 ET

Which was just explained.

You're all over 50 and call Pizza Hut frequently, AREN'T YOU?!

2006-07-12 13:47:30 ET

we need to charter a bus and do one big van ride

2006-08-04 17:02:04 ET

welcome. you're from DC area and have good taste in aesthetics so +added if you don't mind.

[NYC person with family in DC/VA]

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