What to do.
2005-08-16 04:26:28 ET

First, id like to thank everyone for welcoming me. Everyone has been quite friendly. If anyones ever in the Dallas area, feel free to look me up.

Now, Sept.30 is 45 Grave in Houston (well, dinah) and also Sept.30 is Combichrist in Ft.Worth. We dont get to many shows through Texas in general, so this is a rarity. Now my dilema is, going to Houston to see 45 Grave with some friends, mostly for nostalgic reasons, or going to Combichrist with my girlfriend....

2005-08-16 07:05:43 ET

First off, Welcome to SK!
Secondly, 45 Grave only has Dinah now? What happened to Elvora and Hal? Granted, Dinah pretty much was and IS 45 Grave, but the others kinda grew on me. WTF?
As far as the concert dilema - all's I can say is 'ware of a 45 Grave concert. Went to one in San Francisco and they never showed. Sucked arse. So I'd say go to Combichrist with the gf, then to get nostalgic round up the friends and pop on "Return of the Living Dead"...

2005-08-16 12:50:06 ET

Everyone is a thousand times more friendly here than on the forums.

I really wish I could go see 45 Grave. :(

2005-08-17 12:34:17 ET

Yeah, i think ill pass on the 4 hour drive.

Here's the line btw.

Dinah Cancer: Main Vocals
previous projects: 45 Grave, Castration Squad, Vox Pop, Nervous Gender,
Christian Death, Penis Flytrap, Dinah Cancer and the Graverobbers

Lisa Pifer: Bass/Vocals
previous projects: Nina Hagen, Snap Her, Lisafer,
FagsHags, UXA, The Resistance, DI, Dinah Cancer and the Graverobbers

Rikk Agnew: Lead Guitar/Vocals
previous projects: Social Distortion, The Adolescents, The Tourists,
Christian Death, Rikk Agnews Yard Sale

Jaime Pina: Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
previous projects: Los Creamators, Chemical People, The Jeff Dahl Band,
Down By Law, Punk Rock Vatos (PRV 13)

Mike "Thrashead" Sullivan: Drums
previous projects: Lisafer, Bad Acid Trip, Naked Agression

2005-08-21 07:56:21 ET

Really off topic, but were you ever on the gothic classifieds?

2005-08-23 07:36:25 ET

no, ive never sold anything there.

2005-08-23 07:39:53 ET

Ah it wasnt a sale site, i think youre thinking of gothic auctions, it was a chat site.

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