2005-08-24 08:57:29 ET

Summer needs to end, NOW. Over 100 degree forecasts for the rest of the week.

Im from Ireland, the emrerad isle, this Texas crap doesnt agree with me. Ive been in the US since I was 10 or so, but lived in the north until 97, I've been in texas 8 years and still cannot get used to this heat. You can only take off so much to get cool...

I might go to the club, but everytime i do, it makes me not want to leave the house for a while.

2005-08-24 13:05:34 ET

Cha. I hear you - I lived in Tucson, AZ for most of my life. 110 was normal during summer. Sucked arse. Rather it be cold than hot.

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