2005-08-26 04:36:25 ET

To be a kid again, with no worries other than where to park the big wheel, that would be nice..yeah.

2005-08-26 06:04:50 ET

I feel middle aged at 21, I'm going through midlife crisis, it sucks. I'm sure I'll feel nostalgia for 21 in a few years, though.

2005-08-26 06:09:11 ET

What i woouldnt give to be 21 again man, seriously.

2005-08-29 15:21:54 ET

It doesn't get any better. I'm twenty -three and feel like I should be sitting around telling my grand kids about how I jumped into france to kill Germans.

2005-08-29 16:58:11 ET

about 8 more years and youll remember every road march you did, every morning.

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