Impulse Buy
2005-08-29 17:03:45 ET

Ok, so my girlfriend and I get a wild hair and decide to go get an excersize bike. Her, being the rational one wanted to get a small one that we could easily store, but OH NO I wanted the one with all the wizzos and doodads. 500$ later we have this horrible monster sitting in the living room that is too big to store anywhere. That, and all the bells and whistles broke 10 minutes into my first ride.

Leason learned..

1. dont be such a lazy ass and walk over to the full service gym in my complex

2. shit in sears looks smaller than it really is.

3. listen to the girlfriend.

Im taking it back tommorow.

2005-08-29 17:48:49 ET

When did you join SK?

2005-08-29 19:47:10 ET

Bullshit dude.


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