2005-09-15 16:21:23 ET

Sitting in my boxers with a glass of wine, aroma therapy candle, and Prince on the CD player.

Good times...

2005-09-15 17:24:52 ET

What do you drink?

2005-09-15 19:46:55 ET

Today its Collalbrigo merlot 2001 from Italy. I have a nice collection of different stuff on the rack.

2005-09-15 19:59:19 ET

Sign O The Times?

2005-09-15 20:45:10 ET

Oh, the tragedy. [ staples your hand to your forehead ] ;]

2005-09-16 02:57:52 ET

The dry red eh? You should check out the chilean reds. Word on the street is they are going to go big like the Australian wines. I tried some at a party a couple days ago, and I was impressed.

2005-09-16 21:21:19 ET

Sign O The Times, yes. Is there anything else :)

Ill have to look into those chilean wines next time im at the wine store.

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