2006-02-27 07:07:46 ET

I get to work, bright and early. Swipe card doesnt work at any of the doors I have to get through, which is 3. Someone put the one adult content channels on one of the main monitoring screens, which was funny, but we still got yelled at. Someone broke the card reader into the server room. Someone on the weekend shift had to sit at my desk because their computer was being replaced. I have everything in its place and the 2 21" flatscreen monitors are adjusted to my eyes, etc. Everything was moved and my keyboard had potato chip slime all over it....Ive only been at this new position for 3 weeks and already need a vacation.

Anyway, next few months are exciting.

Got my girlfriends birthday dinner at Melting Pot

Then the North Texas Irish Fest which is always a good time.

I also have a bunch of friends that have birthdays in March, so we are having a group birthday party on the 25th at my place. Should be fun.

Ive also been gearing up for Convergence 12 Which should be alot of fun. Been looking fowarded to getting back down to NOLA.

2006-02-27 07:26:25 ET

Melting Pot is gooood.

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