2006-11-01 15:52:31 ET

So NaNoWriMo starts today. (National Novel Writing Month) Anybody else on here doing it this year?

I participated for the last two years, and I completed my 50,000 words both years.

But this year, I also have a deadline for a feature length script I'm writing, and am also writing four short scripts, and a piece of short fiction. But I can't back out of NaNo this year.

This month will be swamped. But I can do it right? I can do anything.

(But probably not clubs.) I haven't been to a club since October 6th. Sucks.

2006-11-01 19:06:59 ET

The novel month is very ambitious.

2006-11-02 07:05:31 ET

Have you ever done it?

It is ambitious. It was really hard for me to complete last year because I was working on another script as well.

2006-11-02 07:50:26 ET

I've never tried it. I know I wouldn't be happy with what I could produce that quickly, so it wouldn't be worth the time.

2006-11-02 16:37:47 ET

But the point isn't the quality of the work, it's the accomplishment of just getting it done.

Mine are major shit.

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