2005-11-22 09:39:17 ET


Thanks to Travisz for remembering what they actually said... this
was right in the middle of a great set... in front of motion i think?
i was too emotional to remember anything but total awesomeness

"it's great to be here in New York...

unfortunately we've heard of some sorrowful news about one of our biggest fans here

we were told how he passed away recently .

he had a ticket for tonight and now he unfortunately can't be here

but he's here in spirit.

for Chris...

this is for you
wherever you are now, may you enjoy this show forever
thank you"

-Richard 23 on stage at Irving Plaza November 21st 2005

They dedicated Quite Unusual to Chris.

God... how fitting... how unreal.

Thanks to Jon Prusick for alerting the band via Myspace... and for
whisking us past the guards and up the flight of stairs in a feat of pure
cahones that ended in the sighting of Daniel B behind the mixing
boards and holding the line until Travis and Amy could make it up the stairs...

Prusick definitely was the hero of the day

The band, though understandably tired, was very compassionate...
Patrick Codenys even handed out Coronas as we waited for Richard23 and
Jean-Luc... I always knew I wanted to have Richard23's babies [well, i
came to that conclusion one day watching 242 videos with chris who
assured me that this was a 'perfectly normal' phase to go through.. he'd
been through it too =P ] but now i think i want to have Patrick's too...
he gave me this great genuine-real-human-being hug... and now my
hoodie REEKS of Front242!!! sweat and LOTS of german cologne... AWESOME.
I'm never washing it again! Suddenly wish i'd have 'dolled up' for the
show but i havent had the energy since... Here's the pictures from Amy's

I had some pictures of Chris on me... I knew that they heard the news but
it's different when you see the face.. I showed him my favorite picture of Chris.. which had been courtesy of melissa... the picture itself more
Nitzer Ebb than 242 but still] and Patrick thought he met him at the VNV
show earlier this or last year when they DJ'd.. makes total sense since chris WOULD have stalked them... Eventually we got the band members to
sign the back of the picture; we're going to give the picture to his mom,

Chris was the most amazing person ever. In a way the hype we gave each
other enriched the experience when we got to know each other as people. Sort of like spiraling in love but stranger and more complex... It made
the dream and the reality a multilayered texture that i will remember for
the rest of my life, however long that is.

I think I said "this is all a very interesting nightmare but when do i
get to wake up?"

Nightmare or no, last night belonged to the dream... And why not..
Anything involving Chris is usually a surreal adventure. And how utterly
life affirming, even in my darkest hour...

"I should have woken up at once, but this was no
concern of mine, so I kept on dreaming...

The way the morning broke was quite unusual - more than words can say..."

2005-11-22 09:46:42 ET

Beautiful. This was absolutely a perfect party in rememberance of his life.

2005-11-22 13:52:35 ET

I concur. How fitting. I hope his mom gets to truly understand how many people he has touched.
Glad you had fun (I can see you smiling..!)

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