new years eve - bushwick, brooklyn, nyc
2006-01-03 18:56:30 ET

[by me, not of me]

i try to shoot moving targets

2006-01-03 19:37:28 ET looks cold and refreshing. It's been so warm and dry here, we've had no winter at all yet.

2006-01-03 19:58:06 ET

I love how the red of her hat stands out so bright. That first one is ten kinds of cool.

2006-01-06 03:07:24 ET

It's barely been a winter save for the random snowfall. It's supposed to be 48 in a few days. :-/

2006-01-06 20:10:51 ET

Maybe it's because I haven't seen any yet this year, but the texture of that snow on things is pretty cool.

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