next is the final leg
2006-06-11 06:37:34 ET

it occurs to me that since he is odd and I am even, he will have the privelege of getting "1".

as i said before, every one of these has a specialmeaning for us
19 and 20 are my favorite so far.

i've rediscovered Depeche Mode's Violator. The last time I'd heard it this way, it was ten years ago.

The sweetest perfection
To call my own
The slightest correction
couldn't finely hone....

I stop and I stare too much
Afraid that I care too much
And I hardly dare to touch
For fear that the spell will be broken...

[ Things you'd expect to be
Having effect on me
Pass undetectedly
But everyone knows what has got me...

Takes me completely
Touches so sweetly
Reaches so deeply
.. I know that nothing can stop me ]

2006-06-11 13:21:17 ET

Gosh, you guys are so cute.

It fits yo well to love with all your heart.

2006-06-12 18:42:31 ET

I really hate when realize I've been in the dark lol. I'm happy for you though... as long as you're smiling.

I sensed things were amounting to such in some direction, but I hadn't been quite sure as to the details. As soon as I saw your countdown, it was painfully obvious though. I wish you both the best though.

PS- I hope you are feeling better.

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