gets write up at
2006-06-27 04:19:05 ET

so infamous among architects is , a cesspool of vicious,
unedited, spiteful and malicious gossip. we all secretly read it, we
all secretly wish to be on it one day, even if it's speculation on which
elective surgeries we have had. point is - no such thing as bad
publicity on The Gutter.

so imagine my surprise, my never the twain-shall-meet compartmentalized
surprise, when gets a shout on on The Gutter - albeit a
small one.

see the entry for today

Monday, June 26th.

"Our [raver]<- [link to!] days being so long gone, the
few memories we'd retained having long since idled out to the great
white beyond, we haven't yet laid our three eyes on the latest P.S. 1
courtyard installation. More than that, we just plain don't like
boroughs. But, lucky for us, an intrepid Reader has suffered through
trains, planes, and bubbly poles to bring us a report of this year's
architectural shitshow: "<BR>

Ah, the great white beyond.





"At least nobody at PS-1 wears trucker hats anymore. "



I'll soon be garnering a bit of my own publicity stunt with a student
blog at .

I'd like to be something of the Warren Ellis human meme of the
architecture scene, awash in the glow of my own infamy. No offense,

2006-06-27 09:17:52 ET

None taken, ever.

2006-06-28 04:22:16 ET

I think you just created a new meme. Possibly a new verb.

2009-11-26 06:18:49 ET

Finally saw an email you sent me... I should have checked that shit earlier.

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