now im writing poetry on *behalf* of my friends.. wtf
2002-10-13 07:19:42 ET

youre the love of my life, as ive lived it so far
youre an hour of sleep in the back of my car
you're the streetlights that shine on this bridge in the sky
you're a painful mistake and the best way to die

you're another aesthetic a different shade
you're the loopholes i found in the deals that we made
youre the soft static sound of the cars in the rain
youre the sleep that im losing while im riding this train

2002-10-13 07:35:28 ET

on behalf of your friends...?

either way thems's some crazy good werds yas got there:

2002-10-13 07:41:30 ET

Thanks for writing that poem about me!

2002-10-13 07:54:55 ET

you're the place i turn to see eye to eye
you're the reason that all of these songs make me cry
you're the one that makes me abandon what counts
as you twist my heart slowly in different amounts

when you hold me i can't fall
can't see anyone at all
thrust my fist into the wall
when you refuse to call

you're the only heartbreak that's ever made sense
it's your fault that all of my muscles stay tense
you're the cause of this desire to run away
yet it seems my spirit has found a place to stay

(had to help you out there, and it's you that sleeps in cars, not me ::grins::)

2002-10-13 08:01:00 ET

digit- thankies :)

i know bio ::swoon:: i cant help what your man-luv does to my brain hehe

and ms. insomnia.. remind me to bother you next time i'm stuck ::justine!! i need some two syllabled word that rhymes with die!!!:: *living w/an english major has its perks*

i just tried to make an avatar for you imma post it now methinks

too detailed to be an avatar but gave me good ideas for comic book stuph

2002-10-13 08:04:04 ET

heh yeah damn english majors. haven't written much poetry since highschool though, does it show?

goodbye rhymes with die... but you shouldn't use either, or you'll be an emo chick like dp's ugly gf.

2002-10-13 08:26:16 ET

No one should rhyme `die` with `lie.`

It gets lame.

2002-10-13 10:05:45 ET

dont know if its true.. you didnt want to hurt me... desert me... love, brings suicide. love, kills me inside.

2002-10-13 10:07:24 ET

you're dead, i'm living, necro ... phelia ... necrophelia!

2002-10-13 10:20:53 ET

necro-feel-ya-up.. yah baby.. they dont call it a 'stiff' for nothin

2002-10-13 10:22:59 ET

oooh suicide commando...

2002-10-13 10:28:37 ET

ooo, i like that drawing of justine! its awesome!

2002-10-13 10:30:22 ET

thanks gus i love flash i cant even draw outside of flash now..

2002-10-13 10:30:50 ET

and i got angry b/c flash 5 traces bitmaps better than (or different from) flash mx

2002-10-13 16:59:41 ET

i have written poetry on behalf of my friends man times. they're like, "hey, you're the creative type and i need to get this chick - write a poem for me?"
at least you didn't rhyme "pain" with "brain" or "insane" - that is the true mark of scraping the literary barrel right there.

2002-10-13 17:05:12 ET

hey its not *my* fault that 'pain' and 'lorraine' rhyme ...hehe

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