this place rocks
2002-10-16 06:23:21 ET

okay not to be a cheerleader for something ::again:: but what other cybercafe will play wumpscut's 'deliverance'...

and yes i am playing hooky from work...

2002-10-16 06:27:00 ET

only the best on 42nd

2002-10-16 06:33:23 ET

*And* Covenant and Autechre and Neuroticfish and Funker Vogt and Cocteau Twins and Welle:Erdball. . .

and then Love Potion Number 9, Linkin Park, and jazz. . .

2002-10-16 06:35:05 ET

And, oh, what is this right now? Eh? It must be . . . *our* song of the year, by Solitary Experiments.

I love being in control.

2002-10-16 06:46:21 ET

why aren't you at work? Work is fun. Work loves you. Embrace work so it can consume you. muhaha

2002-10-16 06:55:38 ET


2002-10-16 07:08:22 ET

im not at work because i put on my super slick pin striped suit then tore out of the house in the rain in two minutes... get to the subway station to realize i forgot my wallet with my Metrocard. get to the house to realize i forgot my keys & am locked out. then look down and realize my pants are inside out. ::cries:: it was just too much

2002-10-16 07:09:39 ET

do you need someone to help you get dressed in the morning? I need help sometimes..I have a tendency to put on the wrong BDUs smetimes :( hope you have a better day.

2002-10-16 07:11:54 ET

hehe thanks. im sure i will now... i'm going to see kirosawa's 'seven samurai' at an artsy theatre later..

2002-10-16 07:13:40 ET

such a bad day for you Lorraine :(
i hope it'll be better

2002-10-16 07:17:28 ET

well it kind of went through the other side of bad... into funny... just proves that i can try but i dont fit into that slick business person mold... no matter how many cell phones i keep losing...

part of me is guilty of skipping work and part of me rejoices that the assimilation has been a failure..

2002-10-16 08:37:23 ET

lol, I've gone to work wearing 2 different shoes and shirt inside out.

2002-10-16 10:49:47 ET

i used to keep an emergency business suit in the bottom drawer of my desk so i could come straight to work from club

2002-10-16 10:55:51 ET

emergency supplies are a neccesity, I have a spare cellphone I activate when I lose mine.

2002-10-16 12:30:59 ET

oooo... you're playing hooky!
I like the sound of this cybercafe, especially if they change it up like insomnia says. I think Im catching a cold, so Im stuck at home. 'Course I also work from home so Im fucked either way.
-The Joker

2002-10-16 13:45:35 ET

They change it up like Insomnia says cause Insomnia *makes* the playlist. Only stipulation is I can't put anything harsh or offensive on there... rules out my whole collection, so I download slower electro and synthpop. .. yay for power!

2002-10-16 13:55:14 ET

Ok, so I'm not the only one who's played hooky recently, that's good!

*gives DbD a big hug*

And Insomnia rocks.. she rocks so hard that DbD left her house which has DSL in the pouring rain to go see her. That's 1337.

2002-10-17 10:53:14 ET

ov course she's 1337... i followed her home thats how she got me in the first place ... (once again::: it followed me home, mom, can we keep it? )

2002-10-17 13:34:31 ET

yes, i picked up a stray. i feed it better.

2002-10-17 17:09:03 ET

*ate pizza today. and a skittle*

2002-10-17 17:10:21 ET

okay i *usually* feed you well.

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