MINI - SK MEET PIC'S SET #1 (more to follow)
2002-10-18 15:28:51 ET

now this is just cute

2002-10-18 15:40:23 ET



2002-10-18 15:44:47 ET

theres nothin quite like skittles and big boots:

2002-10-18 15:49:44 ET

its funny b/c we're all between 5'6 and 5'8 i think

2002-10-18 15:51:11 ET

Itty bitties!

2002-10-18 15:57:07 ET

y0 lenny was over today and he held candy over my head and i couldnt reach it even when i climbed on the couch *pouts* okay i post more pictures

2002-10-18 16:36:18 ET

thats awesome

both of those picture are badass, specially the boots one

who are the guys? what sk members

2002-10-18 16:48:07 ET

Digit and Anima Infirmary Anima is newer

2002-10-18 16:54:07 ET


so whos boots are whos? :P

2002-10-18 16:56:50 ET

digit, anima, and you


in that order

2002-10-18 21:03:32 ET

whoa, how did you know that .. you're good

2002-10-19 05:48:42 ET

ub3r 1337 skillz

2002-10-19 06:22:02 ET

its because my boots have that uncertain-pointing inward thing

2002-10-19 06:34:35 ET

just noticed that

2002-10-19 06:50:55 ET

hey on your site is that you playing the keyboard in the white pic? or is that an abstract white pic and i'm just looking for someone playing keyboards?

2002-10-19 06:55:34 ET

no its not me

its a live picture i screwed around with in photoshop

i forgot it was in my gallery

2002-10-19 07:03:11 ET

i know, pesky snoopy kids..all up in your profile =)

2002-10-19 07:04:01 ET

nah its fine


as long as its cool snoopy sk kids ;)

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