product placement
2002-10-20 13:06:52 ET

the following is flyer design i'm doing for Web2Zone for the late night lan/gaming parties (unreal, quake3 etc) that occur there occaisionally. they are going to try an overnight lan party and needed flyer design so here it is. the only thing is that it has to be approved by BAWLS *the caffiene energy beverage sponsoring it*.. last time i was shot down due to profanity (sleep is for pussies; not gamers was the original text) but this will hopefully do it.

the only thing i didnt like doing was the blatant product placement as it made the picture feel slightly awkward.

2002-10-20 13:09:38 ET

Product placement is for PUSSIES.

2002-10-20 13:10:45 ET

hey that's prety snazzy. the product placement is a bit awkward tho. is all the info gonna be on the back or will you have to free up room for that?

2002-10-20 13:13:23 ET

hah, they call their product "bawls" but they can't handle the word "pussies." yeah, that makes sense. :)

2002-10-20 13:16:24 ET

who's got the biggest bawls of them all?

2002-10-20 13:53:50 ET

That fucking ROCKS.

2002-10-20 13:56:06 ET

that is elite. and you included the CORRECT gaming hand POSITIONS.

2002-10-20 13:57:31 ET

DbD = ub3r n3rd

2002-10-20 14:07:32 ET

you know it babe ;) you guys are coming down to w2z wed right?

**either the info will be on the back, or it will be bigger w/the info on the side.. they just wanted to see the picture**

2002-10-20 14:10:39 ET

ok the kids who are gamers arent scene kids... but let me just double check... 1337 is a term that nerds EVERYWHERE , not just industrial kids will get... i heard it first from an EQ gamer and then a hardc0re warcraft gamer both of whom knew nothing about industrial anything.. but i thought id just double check.. is it a geek thing or an industrial thing ?

2002-10-20 14:12:43 ET

it's a geek thing. It just so happens that most rivets are g33ks.

2002-10-20 14:15:55 ET


2002-10-20 14:39:45 ET

that all started from game piracy. letters to numbers

2002-10-21 03:46:34 ET

some like to say i've got great balls of fire...

hell yeah for the anti-sleep semi-cheese add placement. has some funny add placement pics.

who ha. time to get back to allied assult.

2002-10-21 12:08:43 ET

jeebus i must be the only g33k that doesn't play video games: i feel so left out:

2002-10-21 14:01:54 ET

insomnia says: that is because you cannot play videogames with those fingernails

2002-10-21 14:01:57 ET

2002-10-21 14:02:15 ET

DEATH BY DESIGN says :: *death by design is on a KILLING SPREE*

2002-10-21 14:17:22 ET

But he can tear your skin apart.

2002-10-22 12:29:25 ET


oh wait, I misheard you, terribly sorry...

hee hee

-The Joker

2002-10-22 14:51:44 ET

that man is the pimp

2002-10-22 15:02:39 ET

Definitely one of my personal heroes...

-The Joker

2002-10-22 18:41:45 ET

standing outside a cvs one night i was approached by a large black man who went on to tell me that i reminded him of pinhead because of my liprings: personally i see no resamblance but i was amused nonetheless: heh:

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