sorry for being so fucking whiney (fuck::part two, see below)
2002-11-01 13:16:08 ET

::for the record this is what happened last night::
izzy came over from CT and we dicked around at my house for too long getting ready then we went to qxt's where i got TRASHED. i was a gangster/w pinstripe suit (hey, didnt you wear this suit *last* week?) tommy gun and gangster hat, and later on, toothpick.. attendees: insomnia (candy/cigarette girl) , digit, deathcondition, wintermute, plague. drinks: toxic waste, red devils, rumplemans. some coconut shit that tasted like hell. mikey showed up and more drama packed up on top of the previously existing drama and then mikey left and i got to hear about online drama. this was when i decided that 6 shots was a good idea. i woke up this morning feeling like shit and late for work... inadvertantly made izzy(digit) miss work too.. see i'm a bad example... im that girl your mom warned you about. the world is still fucking spinning and now im just glad its the weekend again, it feels like cheating, going to club twice. haujobb/hocico is saturday (if anybody else posts how much the haujobb/hocico show will be 'bangin' dont bother; WE KNOW ALREADY. the couch skumme will be kicked out this weekend and i may get my DSL back. i may go play dungeons and dragons with Biomechanic in a few... im back in avoidant mode; 20 min ago i was realistically thinking about where things were going to go and that resulted in another bloody awful misery post *see below* that i will not delete but will apologize for. sorry, guys.


2002-11-01 15:51:48 ET

Ehh... I think you made all that up!
Decrease the width of your bio so I can read your page at 800x600!

2002-11-01 16:23:36 ET

yah i hate it how my page does that.. youre the html mack daddy how do i get it to stop?

2002-11-01 19:14:40 ET

Put less stuff up. :P

2002-11-01 19:20:11 ET

Uh... looks like the text in your bio just isn't wrapping somewhere. You didn't use <pre> tags anywhere, did you? Try copying the text in your bio for backup, then clear your bio and put it back up blank.

You might try getting rid of the "what high school stereotype" thing. Sometimes those fuck stuff up. Sometimes when you put an image in a table, and the image is wider than the table, it'll expand the table out of proportion.


2002-11-01 21:09:18 ET

You missed an awesome game of D&D.

Next week, man, next week ...

2002-11-02 21:36:00 ET

800x600? What are you, blind or something?


2002-11-03 15:38:37 ET


2002-11-05 08:12:10 ET

you should put all your stuff in a fixed-width table, maybe all the <'s and >'s are fucking shit up... you might have an actual angle bracket instead of the right code for it or something... but try enclosing your entire bio in <table width=300px> and </table> tags... maybe that might help

2002-11-05 08:13:25 ET

and for the record, i too am running at 800x600 right now, not by choice, of course, but i'm using an ibm thinkpad laptop that's a couple years old so it's stuck at that resolution.. so there, faint isn't the only one =p

2002-11-05 10:01:51 ET

yay thanks for the code

**feels dumb***

i know Flash but not HTML... just consider yourselves lucky i didnt change my page into a broadband only html page.. feh

**wonders if there IS a way to imbed flash into the page

2002-11-05 11:29:57 ET

I'm not stuck at 800x600, and I've got the resources to use higher resolutions, but I choose not to so I will have resources available in case of... stuff.

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