more industrial than all of you
2002-11-05 10:30:43 ET

i just quit my job at the bank to be a Management Trainee at an electronics factory. same pay, more opportunity, less horse shit. i have never been hired this quickly in my life.

the job is in LIC, NY which is my favorite part of the city. its just as rivet as jersey *gasp* but its clean too... and has pretty skyline view...

this does not mean i give up my position as CEO of rivetcorp. it merely means we shift focus slightly from finance to manufacturing/distribution.

it was made clear that i will be training ppl and having other ppl work for me, hiring etc. i just dont know what to think . dont they know a sloppy kid when they see one?

and did i forget to mention they ENCOURAGE the wearing of combat boots.

2002-11-05 10:32:21 ET

Congrats for the change. Hopefully everything goes well.

2002-11-05 10:39:20 ET

congrats on snagging a very k0r3 job, yo!
i'm going to buy - order your underlings to start coming up w/ content. it's too good of a name to pass up!

2002-11-05 10:41:01 ET

sloppy kids are always the most brilliant ones: ;)

2002-11-05 10:47:14 ET

WOW combat boots at work = leet. Is it a steel mill?

2002-11-05 10:50:12 ET

lol no but a lot of shipping is done out of there/ theres huge loading docks etc

2002-11-05 11:16:43 ET

cool! g'luck

2002-11-05 11:38:49 ET

I've always wanted to *unf* a Management Trainee at an electronics factory...

2002-11-05 11:41:22 ET


2002-11-05 11:49:51 ET


2002-11-05 11:50:48 ET

BOOYA? BRAP? Whattafuh?

2002-11-05 13:21:12 ET

i bet this ELECTRONICS FACTORY is a FRONT for the PRO-EMO COMMITTEE. They might need to be KRUSHED when the time comes.


2002-11-05 14:01:03 ET

We can harass you at work?
Or will you be too busy looking important?


2002-11-05 15:06:39 ET

front 242... frontline assembly... assemblage 23. .

My head is not working right, or is something wrong with the world?

2002-11-05 16:12:02 ET

Excellent. you have ub3r job.


2002-11-05 16:20:55 ET

yay doktor is happy for me

2002-11-05 16:56:21 ET

Awesome job girlie. Congrats on it.

2002-11-05 17:03:09 ET

*grins* thankies

i get to wear my boo-ootss.. i get to wear my booo--oots...

2002-11-05 17:05:33 ET

got enough electrical tape? ;P

2002-11-05 17:10:42 ET

oh so you remember the OLD boots then heh. i almost forgot how punkrock i was like 6 months ago

2002-11-05 17:17:26 ET

HAHA. we havent pre-gamed at my place in forever

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