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2002-11-05 11:54:10 ET

Baby, ive been waiting,
ive been waiting night and day.
I didnt see the time,
and i waited my whole life away.
There were lots of invitations,
and i know i sent you some...
but you were waiting, for the miracle
for the miracle to come

you know i really loved you
but i saw your hands were tied
and you know it must have hurt me
it must have hurt my pride
to have to stand beneath your window
with my bugle, and my drum
while you were out there
waiting, for the miracle
for the miracle to come

so you wouldnt like it baby
you wouldnt like it here
there aint no entertainment,
and the judgements are severe.
the maestro says its mozart;
but it sounds like bubblegum...
when youre waiting
for the miracle to come

nothing left to do when you know that youve been taken;
nothing left to do when youre begging for a crumb;
nothing left to do when youve got to go on waiting
waiting for the miracle to come...

[when youve fallen on the highway... and youre lying in the rain... and they ask you how youre doing.. and you say you cant complain, when youre squeezed for information, thats when youve got to play it dumb:: you just say youre out there waiting for the miracle to come]

-Leonard Cohen *dbd7monthsremix*

2002-11-05 11:58:19 ET

I was just listening to Leonard Cohen yesterday...same song.


2002-11-05 12:30:40 ET

i like his older stuff better

2002-11-05 12:48:06 ET

amazingly significant.

2002-11-05 12:50:01 ET

I like his older stuff too, Suzanne is one of my favorites.

2002-11-05 21:45:44 ET

How profoundly ironic. I have never been to your page before, just on a whim I decided to today... now I'm crying for the first time in weeks. Guess I needed to hear this song. How odd. Sorry, I know that probably doesn't make much sence to you... but thank you.

2002-11-06 03:02:25 ET

oh god no it makes too much sense to me... some songs stay on repeat in my personal life... guess im always waiting for someone to come to their senses....

2002-11-06 10:26:28 ET

no wait. .. kill.

2002-11-06 15:05:35 ET

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2002-11-06 15:09:20 ET

hah ::dies laughing::

2002-11-06 15:42:59 ET

::just dies::

2002-11-07 10:07:35 ET

how goth.

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