my job is cool
2002-11-14 14:06:25 ET

i got to draw this at work. in the morning i am left utterly unsupervised for hours. my computer hasnt arrived yet so there really is nothing better to do...

2002-11-14 14:13:46 ET

They pay you for this?!

And it looks awesome. Keep up the good work.

2002-11-14 14:14:19 ET

Wow, thats pretty badass... you've got some skillz. Did that just pop into your head? Oh yeah and 10 extra points for including Atropine!
-The Joker

2002-11-14 14:17:29 ET

that came out frikkin awesome:

2002-11-14 14:19:12 ET

That's an awesome AEAS Kommando you drew there. :D

Seriously, that picture kicks ass. I set it as my desktop wallpaper and my parents find it disturbing somehow. Hehehe...

2002-11-14 14:31:28 ET


We need these sketches for each distinct AEAS role!

<3 your handwriting <3
It, like you, is greater than three.

2002-11-14 14:31:59 ET

lol thats funny

there were pic's of soldiers in the nytimes i think i used several to be references and copied down the bioterror funfacts.

2002-11-14 14:35:54 ET

Yes! Disciplinary Agent DbD, can I commission you to draw more kick-ass AEAS trooper pics??
So awesome... ::Swoon::

2002-11-14 14:36:22 ET

sure np.

2002-11-14 14:38:52 ET

Waitwait, you're swooning at the PIC, right? Cuz if not... *shakes fist*

2002-11-14 14:39:46 ET

oh man... ::puts head on keyboard::

2002-11-14 14:41:23 ET


2002-11-14 14:41:30 ET

I propose, here and now, a formal alliance with RivetCorp.
If accepted, all members of RivetCorp should report to me to be issued their rank as an AEAS trooper/politkal figure/service provider.
We grow in strength... Soon NO ONE will oppose the mighty rule of RIVET!

2002-11-14 14:41:36 ET

::licks rare vinyl::

2002-11-14 14:42:09 ET

excellent! FOR KRUSHING MIGHT !!!

2002-11-14 14:42:20 ET

Faint: I met her first! ::Growls, raises hackles:: :D

2002-11-14 14:46:35 ET


2002-11-14 14:48:45 ET

*accidentally deletes work on new AEAS table*

2002-11-14 14:49:06 ET

oh christ this is going to totally kill our sense of unity i can tell.

i say that AEAS keeps Rivetcorp as an ally.. but as a consulting firm... our employees have many responsibilities as it is

and who's game for a RivetCorp Company Christmas Party?? time to get sauced & dance w/the CEO

2002-11-14 14:51:58 ET

NONO, it's OK! *hugs thermo*

RivetCorp party: WHOO!!! I'm in! Do I have to be a member?

2002-11-14 14:54:12 ET

mister faint, what do you feel you can bring to our organization ?

2002-11-14 14:57:06 ET

Well, I can help the CEO with the nocturnal troubleshooting.

2002-11-14 14:59:37 ET

*Laughs* I know, Faint. I noticed Raine does tend to have that effect on most guys though. It's kind of interesting to watch, I spent a whole night in September observing male New Yorker behavior, as affected by the DbD genus, species Raine. :D

Relationships aside, I DO expect DbD to continue attending noise shows with Bio and myself! :]

2002-11-14 15:02:35 ET

Ooh, party!!
If at all possible, can we make it sometime just before or after christmas? Walgreens has indicated that ALL employees must work Christmas Eve Day. ::Snarls::

2002-11-14 15:02:43 ET


Fuck everyone.

The new Brighter Death Now 12" is the best single of the year.

2002-11-14 15:02:49 ET

::gasp:: how could i not?

although i am disappointed i missed Deathinjune to lack of funds

2002-11-14 15:09:18 ET

Although DIJ isn't noise ... you could have macked your thing with Jane.

2002-11-14 15:11:39 ET

**taps boot on ground like thumper*** i like her

2002-11-14 15:17:43 ET

And if that doesn't fail, her sister is pretty cute, too.

2002-11-14 15:19:44 ET

your damn good at drawing

2002-11-14 15:21:33 ET

danke, and im damned bored @work

2002-11-14 15:22:20 ET

Well, now you have assignments to keep you occupied and productive, Agent! Carry on! :D

2002-11-14 15:24:30 ET

can i help with propaganda sometimes?

2002-11-14 15:47:56 ET

thank you for drawing my portrait. it's about damn time i got the commemoration that i deserve. good job!

2002-11-14 15:50:56 ET

lol nice

2002-11-14 15:51:09 ET

btw you are dreamy ::swoons::

2002-11-14 15:53:53 ET

thank you, thank you. *shines knuckles on tactical harness suspenders*
hmm... you should be careful about the swooning. it might be the nerve gas...

2002-11-14 16:22:05 ET

Heh. Cool drawing. *love*

2002-11-14 16:30:51 ET

thats some hot shitt yo!

2002-11-14 16:31:20 ET

wow, thats really good.

2002-11-14 16:32:11 ET

war surrounds us baby awww yeah

2002-11-14 16:33:10 ET

War Surrounds Us?

Who could of thought of such a farsical lyric?

2002-11-14 16:35:27 ET


2002-11-14 16:36:33 ET

hahah yea.. "in these ruins its hard to see" yeayaaa

2002-11-14 16:38:06 ET

the only lyrics you can actually make out lol just kidding chris your 8080 is the best

2002-11-14 16:38:17 ET


2002-11-14 16:39:40 ET

thats all anybody needs to make out! they are lucky thats even able to be heard! :P

2002-11-14 16:44:34 ET

oh yeah and... ready to sacrifice!

im lookin forward to the show y0 sux that erics not here i yapped his ear off about how entertaining you guys were

2002-11-14 16:48:04 ET

I want to be incorporated into the liveshow somehow.

You should have two people stand to your sides. Each with a bracket on their forehead.

2002-11-14 17:39:21 ET

you're only saying that so you can get into the clubs he plays that wouldn't normally let you in: i see your game ... but you might make a good lighting rig:

2002-11-14 22:16:52 ET

no you can get in just tell chris you wanna be the 'merch girl' lol i cant be responsible for what happens to you after the show though...

2002-11-14 23:03:09 ET

hahaha: thats when the kidtouching happens:

2002-11-15 02:25:02 ET

I kinda wish I knew what's going on here... but I'm scared!

2002-11-15 05:15:12 ET

No one is allowed to claim DbD. I hold those rights and I lend her out to fan boys when she wishes.

You may send your applications to me.

Please include:

non-Photoshopped picture

Photoshopped picture and piece of artwork OR demo cd of your own music (it better be fucking good!)

Statement listing her admirable qualities, and some of yours.

Waiver form indicating you cannot claim a monopoly on Dbd time/ sex drive.

Bribes are accepted.

2002-11-15 05:19:33 ET


2002-11-15 05:20:49 ET

Eclipse, please note that bribes are accepted *with* the application. Lone ones will get you no where. And bribes can only come in four forms: money, candy, music, or sluts for Biomechanic.

2002-11-15 05:26:09 ET


2002-11-15 05:26:19 ET

ahh. *bummed*

2002-11-15 09:29:41 ET

bio: you can be merch girl! hell... ill even put you on the guest list... under one condition! you have to wear an "i <3 death condition" baby t-shirt! haha

insomnia: an application???? when did lorraine get picky???

2002-11-15 09:37:27 ET

She didn't. I am ;-)

But I do think she is a little picky, I mean, she only goes for artists and gearheads. It's not her fault there's a damn lot of them.

2002-11-15 09:39:28 ET

hahaha, yes i know lol, raine knows im just TEASING!

2002-11-15 11:37:02 ET

yo...Raine...can you make me that outfit?!!!!

2002-11-15 11:39:31 ET

I can make your monkey that outfit.

2002-11-15 15:27:18 ET

wintermute:: just b/c i am a girl doesnt mean i can sew and shit, even if its army clothes... maybe you can find it at the army/navy store next to our house? im sure that would go down well at the LC show.

and deathcondition. since when do you have permission to rip on me on my own page? isnt that what eric's page is for =p only insomnia can do that

>>>>Waiver form indicating you cannot claim a monopoly on Dbd time/ sex drive.

lol nice.. yano i dont really approve of the tangent this thread went on... too bad you guys are all my friends that i love and i cant stab you to death

2002-11-15 15:40:32 ET

you know im kidding raine! :)

2002-11-15 17:07:09 ET

You stab me to death you gotta come up w/rent yourself bitch!


2002-11-15 18:37:07 ET

Or you could move down here. Cost of living is pretty cheap...

2002-11-16 13:00:53 ET

yah d00d i wanna live in a trailer in AZ and do nothin but watch the dust balls fly by in the wind or maybe the price is right on an old busted TV....

thats what AZ kids do, right/ ?

2002-11-16 13:12:01 ET

Solution: Just don't kill Insomnia. :P

When were you online?

2002-11-16 13:16:47 ET

Yeah, I'd love to be merch MANCHILD thank you very much.
And I'd like to be on the guestlist.

And isn't writing [C] on my forehead (Charlie Manson style) enough?

P.S. Please bribe with hot sluts.

2002-11-16 13:20:36 ET

*cough* (postcount ++)

2002-11-16 13:21:46 ET

I was considering PM'ing to tell you to check your PM's... but...

2002-11-23 10:13:51 ET

The Protective Hood is apart of the complete M40 series protective Mask. Also the Voicemetter Microphone is only on the M42 Series Protective Mask which is for vehicle or aircraft operators.I know.I am NBC School qualified and that is what I do at work sometimes. I am suprised you know about the J-LIST suit but I guess it is public knowledge now. Awesome drawing. I can see you have done some research as well. Muhaha

I am on the left in that pic. Of course that is the old BDO Chemical Protective Suit from the 80s. *sob* the old days.

2002-11-23 10:24:58 ET

oh my christ that is fucking cool:::

2002-11-23 10:25:04 ET


2002-11-23 10:25:11 ET

thumbs up , soldier!!!

2002-11-23 10:33:35 ET

THis is my friend SKI having fun during a field excercise in Pyongtek, Republic of Korea in 2001

Yu see the M40 Series Mask is so stylish we wear them even when we practice.

2002-11-23 13:24:04 ET

heh heh! Damnnnnnn someone has pics of me from the army with an IDF-standard full body carbon suit+mask... Dman... Who has those pictures???

2002-11-24 17:30:58 ET

all about my soviet gas mask with synth-dred attatchments. useless but so stylish

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