bah humbug
2002-12-25 07:55:06 ET

another page makeover.

everyone pm my sister Broken Machine and tell her how stupid her boyfriend is

stayed up late last night with Insomnia watching American Psycho.

I miss Brian.

//listening to | Coil | Teenage Lightning \\\
-dbd out

2002-12-25 10:01:38 ET

the page looks frikkin awesome: =)

...i heart coil:

2002-12-25 10:22:35 ET

I don't look good green. bleh.

I told my brother we watched that, and he told me a couple days ago he waited on Christian Bale. Damn LA actor-waiters, they see everything . . .

2002-12-25 10:44:16 ET

i heart christian bale:

(swing kids=drool)

2002-12-25 10:49:14 ET

happy holidays raine <3

2002-12-25 11:16:04 ET

hey hey. bugging your sister right now.

I like this layout da best ('swhy I stole it from ya ;)) *snickers*)

2002-12-25 13:48:05 ET

nice colors, if strange psychosis is your cup of movie tea right now...try "the ruling class" with peter o'toole or if you want something on the more nerve racking side try "the devils"...but make sure you have it real loud...

2002-12-25 19:48:39 ET

Brian = old farce.

page layout = good

doktor = sleepy

giftmas = merry.

that is all.

d242 <3s DbD

2002-12-25 20:12:05 ET

DBD <3's dok & total eclipse & azrael.. hell DBD <3's everyone

2002-12-25 23:12:35 ET

i heart your new background: ;)

2002-12-26 03:00:00 ET

aww...shucks... she said she <3 me.!!! *feels loved*

2002-12-26 07:17:39 ET

although i am incredibly, incredibly jealous of your rollovers **turns green with envy*

2002-12-26 08:14:14 ET

The layout is definitely improved.
Me gusta.

+ I hate you
</last bit lie>

2002-12-26 09:11:05 ET

is that storm? or bio *confused*

2002-12-26 09:12:11 ET

you're not the only one!

2002-12-26 09:12:16 ET

The name can't lie.

Man, I get Storm and Bio confused ALL the time.

2002-12-26 09:13:36 ET

they are like twins

2002-12-26 10:16:50 ET

We look so very similar.

2002-12-27 05:18:26 ET


Lorraine - You can have them flippy rollovers. :o)

2002-12-27 05:21:19 ET

Hey, Eclipse... is this it?
a:hover { color: #66CC99; cursor: help; shadow; height:0; filter:fliph;}

2002-12-27 05:27:32 ET


2002-12-27 05:27:59 ET

*clutches head*


2002-12-27 05:29:49 ET

Wile E. Coyote. SUPER GENIUS. I like the sound of that...

2002-12-27 05:30:42 ET

I did it!!!
Thank you Eclipse.
*views your SOURCE*

2002-12-27 05:39:04 ET

Heh heh. How do you think I ever learned CSS? How do you think I got the top bar rendered? *viewed cerebrate's source* (I hope he's not reading this)

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