aero dust
2002-12-26 10:18:19 ET

my computer needs a blowjob

i got woken up by the CPU fan this morning. it somehow crept into my dreams. i was having some reality-based dream and this droning noise kept working its way into the background until i was forced to admit that no coherent reality could have this droning noise in it.

i got mail from my dad <3



2002-12-26 10:59:28 ET

I was wondering what that noise was. And like I do for every potential tech problem, I tried my best to ignore it and left.

2002-12-26 14:56:30 ET

regular blowjobs make all go smoothly.

you should sample the horrible noise and make music out of it.

2002-12-26 15:47:36 ET

ha: i said the same thing dok:

2002-12-26 20:51:04 ET

Which? (probably both)

2002-12-26 20:55:14 ET

hahaha: yeah more tha likely both: but particularly about sampling the noise: ;)

2002-12-26 21:06:57 ET

mmmmm.... droning noise.....

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