sad empty house on a friday night
2003-01-17 19:01:23 ET

i cracked open the SAT book, unsure of myself, and pointed to a random spot. i bet you i won't understand what's going on in this page, i thought. i bet you i'm dumb.

the first words beneath my fingers ::

A WARDEN is in charge of a PRISON

(they were explaining analogies)

message receieved, loud and clear.


Sushi. Tomorrow. 7pm. sushi place right next to Generations Records, east village. (i know you know where this is)

be there, or be a square wave (aka Aslan Faction).

love you all.


ps. new pictures of pretty things scroll down...

2003-01-17 19:16:54 ET

<3 Aslan Faction aka Nintendo Leatherstrip (nickname copywright DJ XO)

Waiting for the warden/prison statement to also be symbolic. . . so far it's only 2 out of 3. ..

2003-01-17 19:19:19 ET

i didnt put the words there, they just happened.

and the warden/prison thing seems reflective of my life right now. 16 hour concentrationcamp workdays. if i'm going to work this much i want something amazing to show for it.

but if i dont get an education, its prison forever.

2003-01-17 19:23:07 ET

I know I know I'm just being silly. . .

Mine are only 14 hours - 15 in another week - I feel so inferior!


2003-01-17 19:29:41 ET

ouch.... im still complaining alot about school dayz.... course i stay up till 11 workin but oh well

2003-01-17 19:32:34 ET

me too thats the problem, i want to be back in school but im broke the only way to pay for a decent school is scholarship, the route to scholarship is SAT the route to SAT is time the route to time is money the root to money is sacrificing time. and then theres rent.

i will break this infinite loop.

2003-01-17 19:37:33 ET

so what scores are you tryin to get on the sat? i took it not too long ago... got a 1300 something... i have always been interested in architecture myself... i think i would do well. i like to plan things out but i dont know if i could take all the math. i wish was better at math...

2003-01-17 20:17:34 ET

The name of the sushi place is Doozo Sushi, and it'd on Thompson Street between Bleecker andd West 3rd st.

I'm telling ya, this plan is the plan

2003-01-18 02:41:59 ET

thats around what i got, but the scores were too unbalanced, no wait i got 1200 i think

700 verb, 500 math

i blame it on the drugs

2003-01-18 06:12:32 ET

fuck all you guys. I did so shitty on my SAT's and I tell you they are unbalanced tests. I had a 3.9 GPA in high school and i got below a 1100 on my SAT's. (though I did get a 700 in Verb as well, it's the Math i totally screwed up).

The state is actually trying to phase out SAT's because they think they "unbalanced"

2003-01-18 06:16:50 ET

i'm actually really good at taking tests so i hope they don't before i can slide my way underneath the door

i have my license to sell Life/Health insurance/variable annuities in the State of New York. its the first step towards a stockbrokers license; and man did i not study:: as a matter of fact i made super sure to goof of in class and distract everyone else from my bank so they failed the test and i had less competition (this wasn't intentional)

standardized tests are NOT a measure of real life success. everyone knows that so its a wonder why the SAT's are still in play... but problems immediately pop up when you try to quantize anything involving humans

2003-01-18 07:29:09 ET

well.. i am pretty sure ill be at the sushi shindig tonight..
im positive it will be an interesting event nontheless.
and im suuure im going to be lookin'like a homeless person because i am feeling insanely lazy today...
but im rather positive i dont really
also, thankyou dbd for offering to cover DIGIT and mine's meal.. thats very nice of you.

coming to the eastcoast completely broke has REALLY an experience.


2003-01-18 08:17:14 ET

yeah i did the same thing
i told myself i was gonna be here for 2 weeks, i told my family too.. (around november)

christmas rolled around and i told my mom she could keep my car since i wasn't coming back.

you really havent seen us at our best:: its fucking cold and we've all been working/busy, at least i have... now new years, thats another story...

where are you from btw?

2003-01-19 12:33:30 ET

yah.. if i felt what i had here out weighed somethings i have near the westcoast..i would definitely stay. i need the change and the enivronment.. but..i need to see all my options with this one first, and determine what will be best for me to do.. since my life has been transforming in a lot of fucked up ways lately..

and im from SLC,UT.(in which i am sure you know by now though..)

2003-01-19 13:07:11 ET

SLC? Damn, that's gotta be hard to be rivet out there.

It was very cool to meet you, and I hope you make it back to NYC soon.

2003-01-19 13:21:24 ET

thankyou, likewise.

and yah.. SLC can be a pain.. but it does have its good qualities i suppose... eh..

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