what the F
2003-01-20 14:30:02 ET

"You will live in Mansion.
You will drive a red firebird.
You will marry Izzy and have 0 kids.
You will be a architect in floorida"

goddamn it! i wanted to get STORM!!!
thats it im going to the OUIJA bourd for a second opinion.


(hint, pick a small favorite number, no more than 20... )

my possible futures included bayonne, vegas, motorcycles, 12 kids, pr0n stardom, writing, marrying doktor242 (or eric!) or STORM and being an assasin.

i guess i'll never know.

2003-01-20 14:39:20 ET

The Magic 8 Ball says you and I are going to get married. And the Magic 8 Ball never lies.

2003-01-20 14:41:31 ET

"You will live in House.
You will drive a black hummer.
You will marry Lorraine and have 0 kids.
You will be a DJ in London"

2003-01-20 14:42:02 ET

haha someone has to console me when izzy dies in a plane crash like Aaliyah; because lets face it he's too much of a rock star to let live

2003-01-20 14:50:11 ET

this site is cool... I must know my fortune...
-The Joker

2003-01-20 14:51:31 ET

I'm gonna kill myself:

You will live in Shack.
You will drive a Orange no car.
You will marry Hellraver and have -5 kids.
You will be a Researcher in NYC.

2003-01-20 14:54:28 ET

hahaha hellraver
</diebonkt laugh>

2003-01-20 15:06:01 ET


You will live in Mansion.
You will drive a Black Mitsubishi Eclipse.
You will marry Harley Quinn and have -2 kids.
You will be a Rich Psychopath in Los Angeles.

-The Joker

2003-01-20 15:09:24 ET

You will give broke Insomnia money ;-)

2003-01-20 15:10:28 ET

If I'm a rich psychopath, of course I'll kick down some money.
-The Joker

2003-01-20 15:33:30 ET

You will live in Shack.
You will drive a Orange Tank.
You will marry DbD and have Zero kids.
You will be a Music God in PDX.

I see how it is...DbD is going to be the female praying mantis...marry everyone in turn...love 'em...eat their head...and leave 'em...


2003-01-20 15:36:38 ET

I am so bored.

You will live in Apartment.
You will drive a Über Black Mobile Wheelchair.
You will marry A Slut and have 0 kids.
You will be a Bloodthirsty Communist in Squat in Williamsburg.

2003-01-20 15:55:34 ET

hahaha devoid: now youre on the chart

poor boy

>>> are you calling me a bloodthirsty communist, bio?

2003-01-20 16:01:39 ET

I don't know about the bloodthirsty part, but, yes, the communist part.

</flowcharting dbd>

2003-01-20 16:14:18 ET

I thought one didn't get to be on the chart unless an act had been committed...


2003-01-20 16:21:38 ET

I get the feeling that going through this chart would be much like navigating the computer system in "Minority Report". ;)
-The Joker

2003-01-20 16:25:06 ET

It's a very scary, shocking experience.
The chart, that is.

Actually, it's the Chart.

2003-01-20 16:48:45 ET

I haven't played the game yet.... but I will happily change your destiny, DbD

2003-01-20 17:05:12 ET

hahahaa: joker i go through that interface when im picking a BOOTY CALL :swipes hand, quickly, as images, faces, memories pause for a moment in front of the screen, and slide away

deviod.. hm. i guess the chart is FUCKING FAMOUS NOW. feh.

2003-01-20 17:15:49 ET

you mentioned it dbd!!

>>hahaha devoid: now youre on the chart

2003-01-20 17:17:56 ET

he was prolly onthe chart anyway =p

2003-01-20 17:20:13 ET

He could be, depending on how much Thomas got around in PDX, and if D met any of Thomas's girls. . .

2003-01-20 17:21:54 ET

I don't know about famous...but I'm sorry if my knowledge of it upsets you.


2003-01-20 17:33:57 ET

dude who doesnt know, beh

we're all one big happy sk.net family anyway


hahaha spinthebottle hahaha

</this subject>

2003-01-20 20:36:25 ET

::Laughz:: DBD that would make a hilarous parody short film.. including the possible outcomes of each booty call and trying to choose the right one.... hmmm....

-The Joker

2003-01-21 02:50:49 ET

hahaha and your sig. other trying to stop you before it happens

"But i *didnt* cheat on you!!!"

"Thats not the point!!!"

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