the definition of regret
2003-02-01 06:37:51 ET

i cannot sleep

the fever is back... i almost cant breathe.. someone remind me that its stupid to mess with a fresh tattoo..
i bribed sykospark into bumping up my image quota

so there are new pic's in the gallery
i need more group shots...

i need to practice my set but i am too out of it to do anything but dick around here

something horrible happened today

i just keep thinking about the surreal vapor trail.. disappearing into the blue sky
and still i cant sleep
its getting worse
something must be bothering me. besides being sick. theres something there in my brain; it needs extraction, it needs purging. it needs to leave me alone. i want to sleep so bad.

shameless plug: cross platform/digital murder

pyramid. tonight. downstairs opens at 10.30


and in other news. i want to edit something i said. change 'A specific Place' into Anytown, USA. and 'someone off of' into 'Anygirl version 2.0' but unfortunately, you can only change your mind about what you say 15 minutes into posting.

which if you think about it, isn't bad. life doesnt even give you 15 minutes.

oh well. 20 years without making one enemy that i know of. it wasnt a bad streak i guess.

'i want the man who puts a gun to my head - puts an end to my life - to do so because he hates me with a passion. Not because it is his job.'

2003-02-01 07:15:32 ET

Yeah, I read the thing about the astronauts...looked through the image gallery at their individual pictures. For a lot of them, this was their first time in space. On the other hand, and this might sound really weird, but think of all the other ways people die. Going into space and seeing something that beautiful being your last memory...hmm. I'm still saddened by it :(

2003-02-01 08:06:34 ET

at least it was on their way back down

at least they died having already done what they wanted to do with their lives

most people are never so lucky

2003-02-01 08:11:39 ET

How evil is wintermute in that one?

Makes you think about the space program.

2003-02-01 08:22:12 ET

as long as i dided on my way back down, I would have no regrets.

2003-02-01 08:36:20 ET

they completed over 80 experiments on their flight and from the footage i've seen, said that they were having a great time up there.

2003-02-01 08:38:20 ET

that's really beautiful. it think if i had dies having lived my lifelong dream, i would be ok with dying.

2003-02-01 08:42:07 ET

I wouldn't want to go down like that.
Going back home and trying to land isn't dying while living your dream.

2003-02-01 09:26:34 ET

yeah....that's more like dying minutes before your dream is fully realized (sux), but just they get a "hero" tag....rather than your average astronaut completing a mission and going home to be most-likely forgoten a month later.
by the way....
'i want the man who puts a gun to my head - puts an end to my life - to do so because he hates me with a passion. Not because it is his job.'<----------that is love....or maybe the extreme oppositeż<BR>

2003-02-01 22:40:36 ET

You're either still out or dead tired, but I hope your night went well. I want to see pictures.

2003-02-01 23:50:54 ET

no pics, alas, but the night went pretty well.

we didn't lose money!

full report tomorrow... (complete with DbD's anti-Macintosh snobbery, no doubt)

2003-02-02 07:59:37 ET

not losing money is great. having a good time is better. But it is hard to justify the second without the first

2003-02-02 08:11:52 ET

I'm glad you guys didn't lose no bling.

2003-02-02 15:27:10 ET

iv'e really been thinking about all the
dying people latly,it keeps me awake untill
the wee hours of the morning.
atleast those astronouts had a nicer death than the average ones!
like being stabbed to death,or burned alive,
or blown up partially but still there.
or commiting suicide and those poor loved ones around..........
oh death sweet death...when will we go home,
no one knows but god. i hope i die a happy old lady
with a joint in my hand and love in my heart and mind.

2003-02-04 00:01:30 ET

i like the pictures. just cute.

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