im really cute    2007-06-08 08:18:15 ET
and conceited as fuck. Im getting dumb as hell over a girl. I mean honestly a girl that wants no commitment, just wants to hangout, give sweet handholds, and a makeout here and there, that should be any dudes dream. The problem is she is highly sought after, and i want her all to myself. She keeps on telling me things that make me want more, like,

"I dont think you striving for veganism is dumb, i think it is amazing that you have that much discipline, and i love it!"

"Does it bother you that i drink"

"if you could change anything about me, what would it be"

"I love all of your random knowledge about EVERYTHING, you are really smart"

but when i remind her that i am forgetting that this is just a fling, her responses tell me that im pushing her away.
"i dont want this to get complicated or awkward"
gbiejsknfbidsnkaf girls are dumb, and i get dumb over them.
VISION: The OC Season 4 Disc 4 Episode 14 (Three last episodes :-( )
SMELLS: BBQ tofu sangwishes!!!!!!!!!!!!

she is on the Left, and fucking gourgeous

Tasty Foods!!!!!!

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