Tasty vegan foods    2007-06-05 07:46:57 ET
so vegetarianism has recently been a hot topic for thought. I have not been veg again for almost a year. I feel undisciplined, and horrible. I did a few cop-outs and wrote vegan/vegetarian papers for school, and it really fucked me up. I mean i feel the compassion, and it hurts me to know that animals have to suffer, and hurt, yet i still munch down on chicken legs and cream sauces. I feel like a fucking hypocrite. I went COMPLETELY without meat for almost two years. Im getting michelle into this right now, so now i have a "lets eat free" Buddy. BTW we went to the watercoarse in denver lastnight and had the tastiest meal ive had in a while, and it was completely vegan. THIS GIVES ME HOPE!!! The house im moving to in denver are all vegetarians, so freegan(almost vegan, except i FREEGAN love cage free eggs, and cheese) lifestyle will work!!! I AM LAME AS FUCK!!!!!
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