A lot has happened    2008-02-06 04:57:42 ET
New girls, new diet, new house, new bike, new position at work, NEW LIFE!
First off, ive been completely vegan since just after my last post. It is a decision that i wish i made a long long long time ago. Not only do i feel better physically but i have no guilt in the foods that i eat (plus there went another 30 lbs). Through the month of September i got more and more fed up with the shit hole i was living in, and especially living with curtis, i was beginning to not be able to stand him. I ended up moving out to a beautiful 1 bedroom loft. I am paying a lot more in rent, but i feel like it is worth it, i love this place. That month i also bought a road bike, which i love to ride, and flew to philly to see the floorpunch reunion, with a lot of amazing bands. That was one of the best weekends of my life. Got moved to a lead position at work, which means i get to tell people what to do, its pretty cool. Now on to my favorite part of the past few months, the new girl. Her name is kelli, and i met her shortly after i moved into my new apartment. I was joking to a friend (who at the time wanted my nuts) if she knew any sweet cute vegan straight edge girls, she responded after a few moments with an "as a matter of fact i do" Long story short, we started talking, and we hit it off really well. She was everything i was looking for. It turned out she was in the middle of a small fling she was having with a real jerkoff from the denver hardcore scene. That ended ubruptly im sure having loads to do with me being in the picture (though it was not my intention. I tried for a couple of months just to be her friend, plus i was trying to figure out if i really liked her, or just the idea of her (vegan, edge, gorgeous, into hardcore, TINY!!). Finally in early December, she started jocking me pretty hard, as in hitting me up on myspace and text a lot, mentioning that we need to spend more time together, and what not. One day, she ended coming up to my house, while the boys were here, after the boys left it turned into the cute pillow fights, and the "im too scarred to actually kiss you, so im just going to flirt really hard and say nothing" game. Finally we ended up kissing, and cuddling, and full on making out. It felt perfect. We moved to my bedroom, and came really close to sex, REALLY close to sex. I felt proud of myself that i stopped it before it got there not even any folling around. She was just as into as i was. We hung out again two days later and it went almost directly to the bedroom complete with us making out and singing get up kids and saves the day to eachother! I ended up asking her to be my girlfriend, and it was absolutely perfect. I really do love this girl, it hit me just a few days after that, and it is wonderful. I knew what it was like to love someone, but never what it was like to be in love with someone. I am beyond happy recently! Oh but one drawback..... she is only 17.

Funny angle, we were laying back on a table

We officially are the king and queen of rediculous looks on our faces

VISION: Lost Season 3

EDIT: oh and forgot to mention, new tattoos!

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