Bad To The Monkey    2002-07-23 21:48:23 ET
It's 12:42 many drugs have you taken tonight....?
Yeah ... i so wicked bored and i wanna go get some burritos. cuz i just... no i dont want burritos.... yeah im so bored and i need a girlfreind cuz im a whiney fuckingscreamokid... ah hah i realized it fuck emo .. its all about the screamo ..... i think ... well emo music is boring but screamo is where t's at and ive no idea what im typing for im so bored im just ammlislly talking and typing and i have a sudden urge to hurt a small animal ... whose with me .. oh i just saw the GlassJAw video on mtv i think im happy now but i dont know cuz i cant sleep... well my allen obsessee's bye bye bye bon

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