2003-07-19 16:58:51 ET

Thriller39: You're more like a cup of yogurt.
Thriller39: 'cause I like to shove a spoon into you and you have little pieces of fruit floating in you.

Damn 16 year olds.

No Mrs. Robinson syndrome here.

2003-07-19 17:00:51 ET

That kid sounds like a real winner.

2003-07-19 18:00:23 ET

pineapple yogurt?

2003-07-20 00:58:00 ET

She posts!


2003-08-12 06:03:16 ET

Jesus Christ.
This was your last post?

You're not going to die.

2003-08-12 06:05:24 ET

No, I re-posted.

I'm NOT going to die. But other people might. I have a feeling that a nice hormonal shift is on the way.


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