2003-08-28 13:48:51 ET

I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch..but I might be employed very,very soon.

Yes, that's right.

I can buy candy for little girls now.You know what THAT means.

The good news is:money might be coming my way.

The bad news: 4 hour drug tests.

Lesson learned today:I was wrong to assume that the lab technician bitch was Hispanic and therefore it was okay, for me to whine and bitch to my mom over the phone in Polish (in regards to the woman). Turns out she's from Belarus. And all Eastern Europeans pretty much talk alike, so yeah..she understood me :)

Oh well.

I also had a crackhead tell me today that I am on drugs.

2003-08-28 17:50:57 ET

drug tests?

download and listen to : The Streets - The Irony of It All.

2003-08-28 21:24:55 ET

I demand you talk dirty to me in Polish.

2003-08-29 03:14:06 ET

If I don't do it for Len, I ain't doing it for you.

Yea, Shay..because they think I'm hitting the glass dick.

Pre-occupational screening.\m/

2003-08-29 06:47:34 ET

yeah baby.

did u listen to the song..?

2003-08-29 15:13:04 ET

I have no speakers here =/

2003-08-30 13:25:53 ET

I'd post the lyrics, but it's no fun without the Brittish accent. *sigh*
ho well.

Remind me to buy you speakers.

2003-08-31 09:35:38 ET

***This Just In*** Die Cyber Annanas and myself are now gainfully employed at the same job!!! Oh, yeah...Bea is, all of a sudden, obsessed with the all-time gods of metal, Manowar and wants to know where she can fill out an application to be in Manowar!!! (o_0)

2003-08-31 09:53:52 ET

*bursts into laughter*

2003-09-02 07:47:14 ET

Hearts on fire..hearts on fire!!!!

Burning..burning with desire!

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