2003-09-08 14:32:04 ET

I'm just a humble corporate slave, digging myself into a corporate grave..

I don't like Snog.

But I HATE God Module.

2003-09-08 14:52:01 ET

wait, snog played? and I missed it?! Ack!

2003-09-08 15:06:34 ET

I shot God Module.

2003-09-08 15:13:17 ET

No, Snog didn't play.

I just don't like them, but felt the need to quote them in the light of me getting an office job.

Lumbergh fucked her

2003-09-08 15:40:27 ET

ah, gotcha.

the 'O' face

2003-09-09 02:57:22 ET

Bio is mad for lack of chances to snog God Module.

The Pet Rock was a good idea ???

2003-09-09 07:52:00 ET

I can't talk to my moms so ah talk to mah diaryyyy

God Module, you've tested out of FAT CAMP... you're going straight to FAT JAIL!!!!

2003-09-09 15:11:16 ET

:W: has no excuse not to tour anymore.

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