Work sucks, Friendster sucks.
2003-09-09 16:28:05 ET

I'm a trendy motherfucker, so I got Friendster now too.

My profile sucks, I need to update it. for that Friendster business.

2003-09-09 16:29:31 ET

nothing wrong with being a trendy motherfucker.

2003-09-09 16:53:33 ET

yep, I got one too.

2003-09-09 17:21:00 ET

aww friendster. so addicted.

2003-09-09 18:12:18 ET

pfft, you been my friend for ages.

telecart@hotmail if anybody didn't know.

2003-09-10 00:50:51 ET


2003-09-10 18:54:45 ET


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