2003-10-10 14:21:03 ET

Two things:

One. You absolutely, positively MUST come tO Q's this Sunday. Just a few shitty bands that I REFUSE to support will be playing. Help me humiliate them. I hope they fail :P

Two. New avatar. Finally. Picture whoredom hath returned with a venegance. It looks bad all minimized. Maximize to get a full pineapple injection.

2003-10-10 14:23:59 ET

nice avatar.

2003-10-10 14:25:00 ET

tis very nice avatar...

why do you hate these bands?

2003-10-10 14:35:17 ET

Ooooh, you're the whoriest.

I'm so freakin' angry.
There's no Bow Ever Down on the lineup!


2003-10-10 14:40:12 ET

I want a Bow Ever Down shirt SO bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

And the CD too.

I love trainwrecks!!!!!!!!!


I hate those bands, because my boyfriend is in 3 of them. And that means that I have to attempt to distract him somehow.

2003-10-10 14:40:51 ET

hahaha... thats mean..

2003-10-10 14:42:47 ET

I'm kidding :)


I'd never do that.Reverse psych. c0re.

But Bio would.

2003-10-10 14:54:21 ET

Dude. What the hell.
He's in three of the bands?wtf?!!%?!
what's the third?!
I'm gonna shoot Len.

I wanna tattoo BOW EVER DOWN to my leg.
DP style.

2003-10-10 15:28:07 ET

hhah..Life Cried/Ceno Farce/C_S_T(being a laptop jockey)

2003-10-11 16:28:58 ET

oh, hello there your pineappleness! *waves*

2003-10-21 23:58:00 ET

such a kickass new avatar

2004-01-07 15:01:17 ET

showing up to see bands you don't like? Isn't that the same as supporting them?

2004-01-10 11:15:08 ET

I was sarcastic. Since I am in one of the bands.

Reverse psychology.

2004-01-10 20:09:01 ET

ahhh....I must have missed that part (you being in one of them).

2004-01-11 20:17:00 ET

It's aiiiiight.

Yeah, I suppose it's due to crappy inside jokes + me being VAGUE!!!!!!!

2004-01-11 20:18:06 ET you're the queen of vagueness, thats not a bad thing

when I write I am purposefully vague

2004-01-11 21:13:42 ET

Being vague+ my oh so acquired taste sense of humor= clusterfuck!

2004-01-11 21:15:23 ET

a strange sense of humor is not a bad thing anymore than vagueness :P

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