2003-11-06 12:34:01 ET

The French accent in the Matrix, was as bad..if not worse than the German in Supertroopers.

Noise. All Day. Makes Bea go something..something.

I forgot to cut off Olivier's hair, for Bio. Aw..and I was going to bring you a trophy. He was all up for it too, but I forgot.

I also did not find time to put princess makeup on Mr. Imminent. He let me do that too.

2003-11-06 12:43:21 ET

how was Revolutions? i heard it sucked balls......tsk tsk tsk

2003-11-06 12:49:55 ET

i wanna see Imminent.

instead, i get cock ring toss. =(

2003-11-06 21:15:13 ET

I hate you all.

2003-11-07 08:16:13 ET

hahahaha. i agree.

but the boobs in that scene... oh yes.

2003-11-12 08:30:47 ET

Revolutions..was satisfactory.

No orgies.

I don't like orgies.

I am no fun.

2004-01-07 14:37:37 ET

I like revolutions...
And I didn't think the french was horrible...

But whuh would I know..

2004-01-07 15:00:29 ET

I haven't seen revolutions yet. The french in Reloaded from Merovingian wasn't bad though...

2004-01-07 15:06:22 ET

Yea, I enjoied it... :)
Hard to guess I liked him...

2004-01-07 15:08:57 ET

hehe...was kinda thinking the same thing. Merovingian was one of my favorite characters in the second one too. but if I had to pick a favorite overall it would have to be Agent Smith.

2004-01-07 15:09:34 ET

I like merovingian the best. He's jsut got an intresting attitude.

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